Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud was somewhere that stood out to me instantly when I was researching Indonesia. It looked like a tropical green paradise.

It did not disappoint.  

The area itself is lovely, with lots of unique bars and restaurants lining the winding roads. Whilst it has a very authentic local feel, with many market stalls selling traditional bags and handmade items, it’s also possible to access more western style shops and restaurants if that’s what you want.

The weather was a little bit more unpredictable than Seminyak, it only added to the somewhat fairy tale-like atmosphere though. A few days of light rain definitely didn’t stop us!

Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

In the whole 26 years I’ve spent on this world, I have never seen a monkey in the wild; as you can imagine, I was extremely excited to make this trip! We walked from our hotel and it didn’t take long because the forest itself is surprisingly central.

The monkeys were such little characters, and it was great to see them playing with each other – and the tourists. They can be extremely cheeky, and I saw more than one slyly open a backpack and have a rummage through.

There were also lots of tiny little babies around which was adorable, some of them clinging tightly to their parents and others that were bravely exploring the area by themselves, although mum was never far away.  

If you’re looking to go to Ubud, it’s definitely worth a visit here. Depending on the time you have (and how much you like monkeys), you could either spend a whole day wandering around and observing their astonishingly human behaviour, or you could devote just an hour or two. The choice is yours!

7am Beginners Yoga

Well, at least now I know that I have the flexibility of a log.

Although the high street is filled with people exploring the bars, markets and restaurants, moving minutes from the centre of Ubud can make you feel calm and relaxed, like you’re in the middle of a khaki paradise. Our hotel offered regular free Yoga classes, so I thought whilst I was there, it was a good opportunity to give it another go. I have tried Yoga in the past, but let’s just say it’s been a long time. My boyfriend also kindly (and surprisingly!) agreed to come with me.  

Although it was an early wake up – the class started at 7am – I’m really glad I went and stepped out of my comfort zone, which I definitely did when my body contorted into a shape I didn’t even know was possible.

I walked out at the end feeling red faced and extremely sweaty, but I also felt a sense of calm and balance, excited to take on the day. It’s good to try new things, especially when you’re on holiday and offered it for free!

Bridges Restaurant: An unexpected fine-dining experience

One night, feeling hungry, me and Lewis decided to stop at a lovely looking restaurant called Bridges, just a few minutes away from our hotel. We’d strolled past on several occasions and always commented on how nice it looked, so we decided to take a look at the menu. After a quick glance, we requested a table and were told that we were very lucky because there had just that minute been a cancellation.

Pleased, we followed the waitress to a beautiful balcony overlooking the picturesque river below; that’s when I started to question what exactly we’d let ourselves in for. All the other tables seemed to be surrounded with guests wearing extremely smart clothing, suits and evening dresses. I was wearing a flared slouchy jumpsuit, and Lewis had shorts on.

Then the wine waiter came over, that’s right, a waiter just for wine. He opened his special menu and pointed out a delicious red… for £150. It was at this point we contemplated running away, but we decided to stay with the knowledge that we were going to be paying on card.

We were doing it and there was no turning back, so we each ordered 3 different courses and made the most of our time at an Indonesian fine-dining restaurant. We also ordered a bottle of red, but we went for the more reasonable £25 option instead!

Despite our initial panic that we were going to end up spending hundreds of pounds (which we really didn’t have) on an unplanned evening meal, it actually ended up coming to a very reasonable £90 for everything. That’s not a price I’d be willing to pay for every meal out, but as a one off it seemed okay. 

Despite some initial panic, I’m so glad that we stayed because the food was probably some of the nicest I have ever had; a bold statement, but true. Real mouth-watering tastes and textures. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

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